VETS, Inc.’s Commercial Solutions Division (CSD) is staffed with experienced individuals working in the information technology, procurement, and financial management industries. In addition to its core professionals, the CSD maintains a database of on-call professionals who are available to meet the needs of short- and long-term contracts.

Our approach to managing projects and our pool of talented professionals, combined with our commitment to superior service, makes VETS, Inc.’s Commercial Solutions Division the right choice for decision-makers who are committed to best value.


Services We Provide

How We Do It


Services We Provide

Since your needs are constantly changing, we want to make getting the help you need as easy as possible. That’s why we give you several convenient ways to work with us:


For both short and long term needs, our temporary staffing option allows companies to drive productivity while remaining flexible. We can also supply a workflow solution while a permanent role is being filled.

Temporary To Permanent

Temporary to permanent services offer companies an excellent way to staff jobs when trial periods have proven useful in evaluating employee skills, quality, and overall fit.


Companies opt for direct hire services when they want their new employee on their payroll from day one. This is an excellent option for those job titles where there is little availability of qualified candidates or too many candidates to look at them all.


How We Do It


It’s our responsibility to know about you and your team, your environment, our candidates, and the world of work.


We put all candidates through a multiple step interview process. We will send you only candidates who are a good fit for the position, the team they will work with, the boss they will support, and your company as a whole.


We take the time, and have the expertise to truly understand what each position requires and which candidate will be successful and productive in your company.